Chukudi.Inc a  is non profit Charitable Organisation
 Devoted to poverty alleviation in developing countries
 Especially the low income economies.
 Africa  and Haiti stands out in this regard.
With  the most marked income inequality  and wealth distribution patterns
Where  the  poor live in abject poverty.
Its horrifying
There are no safety nets, for the poor
 like social security, food stamps , nor health care  system
 So many  people are left to die
Alarming and many are dying
More will die
Chukudi Inc will provide that safety net
Until people can get back on their feet
 Our mission is to feed the poor. cloth the naked and provide shelter.
The shelters  shall also act as skills developement centers
Where talents could be harnessed towards self sufficiency
 Chukudi Inc  in Cape Town
Will  act like a model center  for other African countries
For every human being has God,,s given talent
What people need is stability to develop that talent
Chukudi will operate from its base in Cape Town to other parts of Africa
We realize that we cannt solve all the worlds problem immediaetly
With your help we can make a positive start
Reaching out to the cries of desperate , fogotton men, women and children, the outcasts   of society who exit without hope
A way we can share Gods gifts,
 If not physically then prayerfully and financially.
We shall go where there is urgent need
 Emergency response in our areas of operations
Africa and Haiti
Chukudi was launched in Kelisha township Cape Town  South Africa
 Jan, 22nd 2012
With only a small budget , we were able to establish a food pantry and a soup kitchen
We provided for twenty families in dire need,
 The poorest of the poor
Although South Africa is the most industrialised
 Developed economy in  Africa.
  And has the highest
Per capita ( Gdp ) gross domestic product.
 Yet it has the worst income distribution patterns
  Blacks were not part of the wider economy  under aparthied.
They  were chased off their land—disenfranchised
The effects still lingers
Unlike in other African countries with few exceptions people own their land
They can own, buy and sell real estate
 A major  source of income and wealth
Chukudi is at gestation
Very new with novel ideas
 A grass root  org
 looking out for the poor
advocating on behalf of the poor
We shall lobby for appropriate income redisTribution policies
For long term effects
Brazil, President Lula,s income distribution policies
 That lifted millons from poverty , created a middle class
 With all its multiplier effects on the economy
 That has piloted Brazil from a debt ridden third world Country
 Into a world econnomic power G20
Please help so that we can expand our work
The seed has already been sown.
We are just beginning , with lots of work ahead of us
With your love for humanity
Your generous contirbutions
Will bring  much hope and love to these orphaned societies that are crying out for love
Send cheques postal orders
Chukudi Inc
P.O Box 20193
Nyc Ny 10017
Chukudi is constantly in need  of volunteers
 with skills , professionals in all genres ,
  food production
chefs, doctors. nurses, computer whiz zards
info tech, fashion ,  film enginners and technicians
 willing to share their skills and talents
help with  training and technology transfer
 will   have travel to Africa and Haiti
for a lifes times experience.
Additionaly we need  a good quality digital broadcast quality camera to document
 Chukudi in action.
God Bless you for everever for your love
Benny Igwebe
Chukudi Inc
2308 1ave Nyc Ny 10035
347 245 3473
By David Streisand

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